Privacy Policy

Our privacy statement at Free Payday Loans provides solid protection to the borrowers' data during collection and while it is stored on our servers. We make sure that no unauthorized third party can get an access to the borrowers' particulars and compromise their confidentiality.

It is against our policy to share, rent, sell or exchange the borrowers' specifics with any third party and make profits for the company.

Our lenders share our commitment towards protecting the borrowers' identity. Hence, when we share the data with them for tracking down the most suitable loan offers for the borrowers, the identity of the borrowers remain undoubtedly safe.

We make modifications in the services and policies for providing better services progressively to our clients. Hence, we strive to inform them about these changes at the earliest by using their contact details from our database.

Our utterly easy digital application process requires that when the borrowers apply for the services – no credit check loans and payday loans no fees – they furnish their personal details to us.

The borrowers put forward their names, addresses, e-mail ids, and employment details in the application form. Knowing the huge sensitivity of this information, we encrypt it with SSL technology, which prevents the hackers from causing data theft.

As the data reaches us, it is safely stored in our database, which is monitored and guarded round the clock by our ultra-vigilant IT professionals. We use highly sophisticated security software that does not let any suspicious activity thrive on our portal and access the data from the database.

The IT department at Free Payday Loans updates and evaluates the performance of the software unfailingly. Hence, no unscrupulous third party can lay hands on the borrowers' details and compromise their privacy.

We provide personal accounts to all our borrowers who apply for the no credit check loans and the payday loans no fees. For enabling them to use the accounts and edit their details in a secure fashion, we also allot unique login particulars to them.

They choose their secret passwords. The login particulars for each account are known only to the respective borrowers. Hence, no third party can open the accounts without procuring the consent of the respective borrowers.

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